Hand-Crafted Quality

At MOKA, we take great pride in the quality of our coffee. All of our coffee is roasted by Landgrove Coffee. Landgrove is a small, family run roastery located in the backcountry of Idaho. Jon and Hannah Binninger own and operate Landgrove. They share in our passion for a high quality cup of coffee and enjoy challenge of sourcing the finest beans available. The hand selected coffee beans are roasted in small batch sizes, which allows for greater attention to detail and a more consistent roast. Our roasters goal is simple – to ensure that your cup of coffee is the cup of coffee.

MOKA places a high importance and focus on our hand-crafted espresso. We practice a more traditional method for crafting our espresso which allows us to fine tune our espresso and create a better tasting and more consistent product. We use only the highest quality espresso machines in our stores made by La Marzocco. Since their founding in 1927, La Marzocco’s machines have been handmade deep in the heart of the espresso world in Florence, Italy.

We work directly with our coffee roaster to ensure our machines are calibrated and maintained to perform perfectly with our espresso beans to create the perfect shot of espresso, every time. Our espresso shots are an Italian style sipping espresso with deliciously sweet and buttery crema. Our espresso can be enjoyed on its own or in any milk based specialty drink.